City Manager

Ogdensburg Form of Government

The City of Ogdensburg operates under the Council-Manager form of local government, which combines the strong political leadership of an elected City Council with the strong professional experience of an appointed local government administrator.

Power Concentration

Under the Council-Manager form, power is concentrated in the elected council, which hires a professional administrator to implement its policies. This appointee serves at the pleasure of the council and has responsibility for preparing the preliminary annual budget, directing day-to-day operations, hiring and firing personnel, and serving as the council’s chief policy advisor. 

City Managers

In Ogdensburg, the Council-Manager form of government was established on January 1, 1970, through a Charter referendum held in 1969. Ogdensburg has had eight City Managers since 1970: 

  • Francis J. Culross Jr., 1970 to 1978
  • Gerald F. Johnson, 1978 to 1983
  • Daniel W. Fitzpatrick, 1983 to 1987
  • John C. Krol, 1987 to 2005
  • Arthur J. Sciorra, 2006 to 2012
  • John M. Pinkerton, 2012 to 2015
  • Sarah Purdy, 2015 to 2020 
  • Stephen P. Jellie, 2020 to 2022
  • Mohideen Buharie 2023

Powers and Duties of the City Manager

  • Chief Executive Officer and Chief Administrative Officer of the City and is responsible to the City Council for the administration of all City affairs
  • Directs and supervises all departments, offices, and agencies of the City
  • Serves in the absence of the appointment of a department head
  • Serves as personnel director