Planning & Development


A comprehensive Citywide zoning update that will modernize the City's existing zoning ordinance, chapter 221 of the Municipal Code and map. This update will streamline permitting and review processes and facilitate the implementation of Ogdensburg's Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) and Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) plans. The resulting zoning code from this process will replace the City's current ordinance dating back to its adoption in 1992. Read the zoning ordinance (PDF).

ReZone Public Input

Questions or comments on the proposed amendment may be emailed to the Director of Planning and Development at or contact the Director by phone at 315.393.7150.  

Planning Responsibilities

The Director of Planning & Development is the Chief Policy Advisor to the City Manager and City Council on any matter affecting the physical and economic development of the City. The Director of Planning & Development:

  • Acts as executive secretary of the Planning Board.
  • Provides staff assistance to the Planning Board.
  • Provides staff assistance to the Zoning Board of Appeals in all matters under its jurisdiction.
  • Advises and assists the City Manager and the City Council in regard to the physical planning and public improvement aspects of all matters related to the planning and development of the City.
  • Conducts continuous studies and collects statistical and other data to serve as the basis for planning and development recommendations.
  • Administers the plan of land use controls within the City of Ogdensburg. Studies the operation and effect of land use controls and their administration within the City of Ogdensburg.
  • Develops and administers programs and activities for the rehabilitation of housing and conservation of neighborhoods.
  • Develops and administers programs and activities for urban renewal and redevelopment, and provides staff assistance to any agency created for such purposes.
  • Develops and administers programs and activities for the improvement of the social and cultural characteristics of the community.
  • Develops and administers programs and activities for the physical expansion, improvement and development of the City.
  • Prepares and submits, with such help as may be necessary from other appropriate departments, offices or agencies, all applications for federal, state or private grants in aid for construction, maintenance or operation of facilities or for programs or activities.
  • Is appointed to administer and implement the provisions established under Flood Damage Prevention, Chapter 105 of the Municipal Code. As the Floodplain administrator, the Director of Planning is responsible for the granting or denying of floodplain development permit applications (See the application (PDF)).

County Referral: Section 239-m and n

General Municipal Law Sections 239-m and -n require cities, towns and villages to refer certain actions, such as adoption and amendment of zoning ordinances and comprehensive plans, issuance of special use permits, approval of site plans and subdivision plats to the county planning agency if they apply to property within 500 feet of a municipal boundary, a county or state highway or other property listed in the statutes. The statutes authorize municipalities and counties to agree that certain of the actions listed are of local concern, rather than county-wide, and need not be referred to the county. If an action is subject to referral, however, an action may be challenged on the grounds that referral was not conducted or conducted improperly, and the courts may well invalidate the action. Importantly, failure to refer a covered legislative enactment matter to the county could result in the matter being invalidated for up to six years after it was purportedly enacted, though a recent case decided by the Appellate Division, Third Department, tacitly suggests that the period in which the enactment may be challenged may only be four months.

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