Housing Rehabilitation

Currently No Funding Available

The City of Ogdensburg has a long history of providing housing rehabilitation assistance to low and moderate-income households. Low and moderate-income households are generally described as households whose income is less than 80% of the County Median Household Income (CMHI) as published annually by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) and adjusted for the number of persons in the household. The programs that provide the funding to the City determine the repairs that can be performed and the level of assistance that may be utilized.

The programs offer a variety of tools with which the City can assist income eligible occupants with repairs to their home. Repairs generally will address the health, safety, structural, and Code issues of the building, including plumbing, heating and electric. Repairs may also include windows; doors; roofing; siding repair, painting, or replacement; and accessibility modifications for the disabled.

The programs allow the City to provide financial assistance to the building owner for necessary improvements. Financial assistance can include; grants, loans and/or deferred payment loans. Additionally the City is committed to working with other agencies and housing assistance providers to offer comprehensive housing repair options to City residents.

The Housing Rehabilitation Handbook provides information on the requirements of the program. Those interested in assistance may fill out a Housing Rehabilitation Application and deliver or mail it to the City's Housing Rehabilitation Office, 330 Ford Street, Ogdensburg, NY 13669. All information is strictly confidential.