Mortgage Amnesty Program

Property owners who participated in prior housing programs may have a City held lien(s) against their property. In some cases this lien may not have a "sun-set provision" also known as an expiration period. The City has developed a Mortgage Amnesty Program to assist those homeowners. Under the Mortgage Amnesty Program a homeowner can apply for relief or amnesty from any City held lien (except in the case of a HOME program lien) that had no expiration period defined in the document or where the expiration period is in excess of 5 years from the date of the document.

The Mortgage Amnesty Program is structured to provide relief in the form of a Release or a Reduction. If the lien has been in place for 5 years or more the owner is eligible to have the lien released. If the lien has been in place for a period of less than 5 years the owner is eligible for a Reduction. In the case of reduction the City will reduce the amount of debt owned by 20% per year until year 5, when the note (lien) will be forgiven.

The Amnesty Handbook (PDF) provides information on the requirements of the program. Those interested in applying for mortgage amnesty may fill out an Amnesty Application (PDF) and deliver or mail it to the City's Housing Rehabilitation Office, 330 Ford Street, Ogdensburg, NY 13669. All information is strictly confidential.