Historic Preservation Commission


MemberDate Appointed
Barbara O'Keefe03/02/1988
Arthur Hastings1995
Marsha Hough12/14/2015
Julie Madlin, City Historian09/18/2014
Sandra Porter09/14/2009
Kathleen Wade09/14/2009
John Stevenson09/14/2009
Rhonda Roethel05/08/2017
Daniel Harradine09/14/2009
Jewel Lacomb


Section C-50. Historic Preservation Commission.

Pursuant to Section 119-dd of the General Municipal Law of the State of New York, the City Council is authorized to create an Historical Preservation Commission. This Historical Preservation Commission shall consist of up to 11 members, including the City Historian, to be appointed by the Mayor, subject to the confirmation of the City Council. The City Council is authorized to appropriate funds for the activities of the Ogdensburg Historical Commission as authorized by law. The Ogdensburg Historical Preservation Commission shall be entitled to suggest, recommend and implement local historic preservation programs and to otherwise promote the historic resources of the City of Ogdensburg.

Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2017
July 6, 2017
August 10, 2017