City Owned Property

Property Available

If you are interested in any of the surplus properties, please send a letter of interest to the City Manager, 330 Ford Street, Room 1, Ogdensburg, NY 13669 indicating the tax map number of the parcel, your name, address, and contact phone number.

All letters of interest will be presented at the following Council meeting to call for a public hearing.  The public hearing will be held at the next scheduled Council meeting.  After the public hearing, Council will either deny or approve sale of the parcel(s).

Please Note

  • All sales require approval from City Council.
  • All properties will be sold with a Quit Claim Deed, as-is, no warranties.
  • Some properties come with restrictions and conditions, please be sure you understand what they are, and what you must do.
  • Attorney fees, survey costs, and deed filing fees (as required per property) will be the responsibility of the buyer/bidder and will be due at time of closing.
  • A 10 percent down-payment is due prior to the Council meeting that the resolution will be presented.  If Council does not approve sale, the down-payment is refunded.


If you have questions regarding any of these properties, restrictions, or conditions please submit them via email or via letter to the City Manager's Office, 330 Ford Street, Ogdensburg, NY 13669.

Development Opportunities

The following areas represent significant opportunities for redevelopment and revitalization along the waterfront. For more information about these properties select a property link or contact via email Andrea Smith, City Planner.