Executive Compensation Board

Section AR-9. Executive compensation program.

A. Salary administration policies.
(1) Introduction.
(a) The basic purpose of the administrative salary program is to ensure that the City of Ogdensburg is able to attract, retain and motivate competent non-represented personnel.
To this purpose, the following five objectives are established for the executive compensation program:
[1] To establish a salary and benefits structure that is competitive in the external marketplace.
[2] To establish proper internal position relationships based on job content and responsibilities.
[3] To provide a system whereby individual salary increases are related to satisfactory performance and to experience in title.
[4] To provide a system that allows management to take proper salary action within prescribed limits.
[5] To provide an annual administrative budget based on objective criteria such as cost-of-living factors, market conditions, negotiated settlement with the Civil Service Employees Association salaried unit and the City's ability to pay increased salaries and benefits.
(b) All administrative positions not represented by a collective bargaining agreement will be covered.

To view the complete Executive compensation program, please see the Ogdensburg Administrative Regulations (PDF).

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