Crime Prevention

Ogdensburg City Police Department Holiday Safety Notice

Winter months and Holiday Season is upon us, and I'd like to offer the residents and property owners of the City of Ogdensburg a word of advice for the upcoming Holiday season. The number of crimes throughout the city in regards to criminal mischief to property, and vehicle break-ins, as well as burglaries of homes, is always a concern. Please protect your homes by securing your windows and doors. Never leave your residential doors unlocked, especially during night hours, whether you're away on vacation, work, or even when you're sleeping. Whether it's during the day, or during night hours, remember to lock your vehicle doors. Also, never leave any valuables such as money, stereo equipment, merchandise, purses, wallets, Christmas Gifts, etc. in your vehicles. Leaving such valuables in your vehicles, whether its daylight or darkness, whether it's locked or unlocked, results in the susceptibility of your vehicle being a target. On that note, as Crime Prevention Officer of your local police department, I'd like to recommend becoming a member of the Neighborhood Watch Program in the City of Ogdensburg. With the new trends in crimes occurring everyday, it will give you the recommendations to protect yourself and your property. I cannot guarantee that crime will never affect you in your lifetime. However, with my recommendations and notifications to anyone who is interested to participate in this up and running program, I hope to reduce the chance that crime will happen to you. Remember this; if you feel that there is suspicious activity or person(s) in your area and it becomes a concern to you, please call your local police department. It's better to report your concerns, so that our police officers can patrol your area before a crime is committed against you or your neighbors, rather than after the crime has already been committed. The personal safety of the residents of the City of Ogdensburg is our number one concern, and we'll take every necessary step in achieving safety.