Application Fees

Schedule of Fees

For more information on applications or fees, please contact the Department of Planning and Development at (315) 393-7150. County fees (PDF) will also be required for projects falling under County 293-m or -n review.

Type of Application

ItemCity Fee
Site Plan Review (Includes Short Form EAF Review)$250
Area Variance$75
Use Variance$150
Text Amendment to Zoning Ordinance$100
Amendment to Zoning Map (Rezoning)$100
Establishment of Planned Development District$1,000
Subdivision Review - 1 to 4 parcels$100
Subdivision Review - 5 to 20 parcels
Subdivision Review - More than 20 parcels
Floodplain Development$150
Adaptive Reuse$1,000

State Environmental Quality Review Permits

Lead Agency Coordination$150
Short Form EAF Review$100
Long Form EAF Review$300
Draft EIS Review$300
Final EIS Review$300

Other Fees

Xerox Copies - Cost Per Page$0.25
City Street Map 11 by 17 inches$1
City Street Map 24 by 36 inches$3.50
Zoning Verification (per tax map parcel)$50