Paterson Street Reconstruction - PIN 7752.99

Project Location

1.1 miles of Paterson Street from the City limits to the Port of Ogdensburg.

Project Objectives

  • Restore pavement to good condition and ride-ability using cost effective pavement treatments.
  • Separate the storm sewer system from the existing combined storm/sanitary system.
  • Address geometric deficiencies and traffic signal operations at the Paterson/Ford Streets intersection.
  • Improve the streetscape to include better sidewalks and improved drainage and wearing surface.

Proposed Alternatives

This project consists of widening the roadway to include two 12-foot wide travel lanes and two 7-foot wide parking lanes. Full-depth pavement reconstruction is anticipated throughout the project length. This project will also provide new sidewalks, new curbing, and separation of the existing combined sanitary/storm sewer system.

Roadway WidthExisting WidthProposed Width
Travel LaneTwo 8-foot LanesTwo 12-foot Lanes
Parking LaneTwo 7-foot LanesTwo 7-foot Lanes
Sidewalk5 feet5 feet
Snow Storage6 to 8 feet4 feet
Curb to Curb30 feet38 feet

Maintenance & Protection of Traffic

Local passenger car, emergency, and delivery traffic will be accommodated using daily lane closures or local detours within the City street grid layout. Due to the narrow existing pavement widths and the need to replace the combined sewer system, large trucks may be temporarily detoured along other routes.


All right-of-ways and easements have been obtained.


Design Approval Obtained - 4/4/2013
Tree Removal - completed
Bid Posting - 3/10/2014
Contract Awarded - 5/12/2014 - J.E. Sheehan Contracting Corp.
Anticipated Construction Start - June 2014
Anticipated Construction Complete - Fall 2015