Pride and Beautification Commission


MemberDate AppointedTerm Expires
Mary Ann Narenkivicus (Chair)12/16/200212/31/2023
Steve Hawes01/26/200712/31/2023
Michael Weaver10/11/202212/31/2024
Paul Pirie06/28/202112/31/2023
Barb Barlow05/14/200712/31/2025
Mary Wills06/28/202112/31/2023


Ester Ann O’Connor04/27/200912/31/2022
Mandy Roberts-Amo01/28/201912/31/2023
Kathryn Rhinebold03/10/201412/31/2025

The Commission was created by resolution of City Council on April 10, 2000, to consist of seven members. On March 10, 2003, the City Council expanded the Commission to nine members. On February 13, 2014, membership was increased to eleven members.


Chapter 58 - Pride and Beautification Commission [added February 13, 2014]

Section 58-1. Creation; membership.

  1. There is hereby created a Pride and Beautification Commission for the City of Ogdensburg.
  2. It shall consist of eleven (11) formal members, called "Commissioners", who shall be appointed by the Mayor for terms of three (3) years, except that, of those first appointed, two (2) shall serve for one (1) year, two (2) for two (2) years and three (3) for three (3) years. In addition and at the time of appointment, one (1) of the members shall be designated as Chairman by a majority vote of the appointed Commissioners. The term of the Chairman shall be for two (2) years. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term.
  3. In addition to the formal members, any resident of the City of Ogdensburg, or other interested person, is encouraged to attend Commission meetings and to participate in Commission activities and discussions.

Section 58-2. Purposes.

The Commission is created for the following purposes:

  1. To encourage beautification of the City of Ogdensburg.
  2. To work with businesses and residents to encourage new plantings, beautification projects and to engender civic pride.
  3. To organize work groups and to encourage contributions to be used to improve the aesthetic quality of the City. All such contributions are to be paid to the City and shall be restricted for beautification projects approved by the City Council.
  4. To encourage the beautification of buildings and structures and the preservation of historic structures.
  5. To advise the City Council on all matters involving beautification of the City and to make recommendations to the City Council for making public property, streets and ways more attractive and aesthetically pleasing.
  6. To exercise such other and further powers as may, from time to time, be delegated to it by law or resolution of the City Council.

Section 58-3. Expenditures; quorum.

  1. The City Council may, based on the recommendations of the Commission, budget and expend moneys for beautification projects on the public property of the City.
  2. At least six (6) of the appointed members must be present to constitute a quorum; adoption of any resolution or action shall be by majority of all appointed members.