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City Clerk

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1. Where is City Hall located?
2. Where do I vote?
3. What is involved in filing a claim against the City?
4. How do I obtain a Peddler's Permit?
5. How do I obtain a Handicapped Parking Permit
6. How do I obtain a US passport?
7. Where do I get a dog license? What is the fee?
8. What do I need for a genealogical search?
9. How do I obtain a copy of a death certificate?
10. How do I obtain a copy of a birth certificate?
11. How do I obtain a copy of my marriage certificate?
12. How do I obtain a marriage license?
13. How do I get married at the City Clerk's Office?
14. Do you accept debit or credit cards as a form of payment?
15. How do I request information (FOIL) from the City?

Housing Programs

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1. Does the City have funding for home repairs and/or emergency renovations?
2. Is there a waiting list for City funding?
3. Are there other housing resources for City residents?
4. Is there anything to assist with first-time homebuyers?
5. What is the Amnesty Program?
6. How do I know if I am eligible for amnesty?
7. Is there a fee to apply for amnesty?
8. What is mortgage subordination?
9. How do I apply for mortgage subordination?
10. What resources can help with my utility bills?
11. Are there specific resources for seniors?


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1. What is a Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP)?
2. What type of information is provided in an LWRP?
3. What is meant by the term “inventory and analysis”?
4. What is a coastal area?


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1. Does the Police Department accept and discard expired prescription medications?
2. Are there any City laws regarding alcoholic beverages?
3. Is there a noise ordinance?
4. What other local laws should I know about?
5. Does the City of Ogdensburg have a Dog Control Officer?
6. Is there a leash law?
7. What other local laws pertain to dogs?
8. Does the Dog Control Officer handle stray cats?
9. Does the Police Department handle nuisance wildlife?
10. What types of violations can I receive a parking ticket for?
11. How much are parking tickets?
12. How do I pay a parking ticket?
13. Does the Police Department issue picture identification cards or offer fingerprinting for citizens?
14. Does the Police Department have a Crime Prevention Program?
15. If I am involved in an accident, when do I need to file a report?
16. How do I obtain a copy of my accident report?
17. What if I have a question about non-parking fines or my court appearance?
18. How do I recover my stolen property or evidence?

Public Works

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1. What type of sidewalk repair/replacement program does the City have for property owners?
2. Can I get some top dirt?
3. Will the City repair water or sewer pipes in my home?
4. Can the City run sewer rods to unplug sewer laterals?
5. Will the Department of Public Works take a tree down or remove a stump in my yard?


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1. Does the City issue permits for use of the City's Parks & Trails?

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