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Where do I vote?
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NYS Voter Registration Search

City Clerk

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1. Where is City Hall located?
2. Where do I vote?
3. What is involved in filing a claim against the City?
4. How do I obtain a Peddler's Permit?
5. How do I obtain a Handicapped Parking Permit
6. How do I obtain a US passport?
7. Where do I get a dog license? What is the fee?
8. What do I need for a genealogical search?
9. How do I obtain a copy of a death certificate?
10. How do I obtain a copy of a birth certificate?
11. How do I obtain a copy of my marriage certificate?
12. How do I obtain a marriage license?
13. How do I get married at the City Clerk's Office?
14. Do you accept debit or credit cards as a form of payment?
15. How do I request information (FOIL) from the City?

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